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What is Private Supplements?

Private Supplements webshop

Many different brands and web shops that offer nutritional supplements. We make the difference with Private Supplements.

Buy the best nutritional supplements

No offer where you get lost and can't see the forest for the trees, but only quality products that really add something and are free from added sugars, aspartame, additives and unnecessary fillers.

We have spent years researching compositions, ingredients, flavors and suppliers. As a result, our nutritional supplements are produced in the Netherlands by reliable FSSC22000 certified suppliers according to strict safety requirements, to ensure the highest possible quality.

All this for the fairest price.

A good service

Everyone likes good service . We offer free shipping from €35, deliver quickly with our partner PostNL and offer customer service where you can answer all your questions.

Gym goals and more

Whether your goal is to build muscle, become fitter, lose weight, endurance sports or a healthy lifestyle, nutritional supplements are a good addition to the basics. It is important that you apply the right approach to complete the basics.

That is why we offer you the opportunity to receive free advice on the right approach to nutrition, progress, maintaining results and a training schedule, depending on your goal. So that we can complete the basis that matches your goal and situation.

Food supplements for vegetarians and vegans

We have also thought of vegetarians and vegans. We have a complete range of vegan products such as plant-based protein shakes, pre-workouts, vitamins and more.

Save for great discounts

We have developed a unique savings program with which you can always save for a discount on your order.


Hopefully we will see you back in the webshop soon! Do you have any questions or would you prefer personal advice? Let us know, we are ready to help you.