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    Vitamin D3

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    200 capsules | 200 doses

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    Good for the muscles

    To maintain strong bones and teeth

    Supports the immune system

    Contributes to the production of cells and tissues

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    It is not always easy to meet the daily requirement for vitamin D3, because our bodies need sunlight to produce it and it is not found in many foods. Our softgel capsules are an easy way to get vitamin D3.

    Why use

    You get most of your vitamin D3 from sunlight and a small part comes from food. It is not easy for everyone to meet the daily requirement of vitamin D3. The vitamin D3 capsules can help you with this.

    The advantages

    🔸 Vitamin D3 contributes to normal calcium levels in the blood, supports the bones, plays a role in the cell division process, has a positive influence on the immune system, is important for (strong) teeth and is good for the muscles.

    🔸 One jar contains 200 capsules, which is good for 200 days because one capsule per day is sufficient.

    🔸 Free from additives.

    Nutritional value

    Nutritional value

    1 softgel capsule


    Vitamin D3

    50 µg 1000%

    Ingredients: Vitamin D3, capsule (gelatin) .

    How do I use it

    Take 1 capsule per day with a meal for best absorption.

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    Vitamin D3

    €19,90 EUR

    1 dose contains

    50 mcg vitamin D3

    0 grams of sugars

    0 grams of fats

    No unnecessary additions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does %NRV mean in the nutritional value table?

    NRV stands for Nutrient Reference Value. This means recommended daily amount.

    When do I know that I have a vitamin D3 deficiency?

    You cannot immediately feel a vitamin D deficiency. You can imagine that your natural resistance has been reduced. A deficiency can be demonstrated with certainty by means of a blood test at the GP.

    Can I also take too much vitamin D3?

    Exceeding the quantities does not immediately mean that a problem will arise. Problems will only arise if there is a (too) high intake for a long time. If you use our vitamin D3, take 1 capsule per day and no more.

    What does µg stand for in the nutritional table?

    µg is the symbol indicating the metric microgram which is one millionth of a gram or one thousandth of a milligram. To make it easier: 1 µg is 1 mcg.

    Vitamin D3 highlighted

    In addition

    It is not always easy to get enough vitamin D3.

    One capsule per day

    Good for 200 days.

    Pure vitamin D3

    Free from additives.

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    Michiel Fey

    fijn product!


    Prima, goede aanvulling/dosering en je doet er lekker lang mee.

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