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Our quality

The best quality nutritional supplements

We have done years of research to develop the best quality nutritional supplements , so we have our products produced directly by reliable Dutch suppliers. Many brands purchase standard nutritional supplements and put their own label on the packaging, so we do not do this.

This way we can deliver the best quality without an intermediary. Our products are formulated in such a way that they are 100% free of added sugars, aspartame, unnecessary additives, fillers, contaminated ingredients and GMO-free. In other words, our products are completely pure.

What does it come back in?

  • Purity and Quality of Ingredients: High-quality nutritional supplements are manufactured with high-quality ingredients that are pure and free from contaminants. We have only selected the best ingredients that really add something.

  • Transparency in labelling: Reliable and detailed information on the nutritional supplement label, including a complete list of ingredients, the amounts per serving and any warnings or contraindications.
  • Backed by research: High-quality nutritional supplements are often backed by scientific research that proves the efficacy and safety of the ingredients. We only sell nutritional supplements that really add something and can be scientifically substantiated.

Private Supplements is completely pure

As our products are 100% free of added sugars, aspartame, unnecessary additives, fillers, contaminated ingredients and GMO-free. Here's an explanation:

What is free from added sugars

The term "free from added sugars" means that a product does not contain additional sugars added during processing. Natural sugars that occur naturally in foods, such as fruits, may still be present. The "free from added sugars" label is intended to indicate that no sugars have been added to provide a better taste. We have managed to develop unique, delicious flavors without adding sugars that other brands often use.

What is free from aspartame

"Aspartame" is an artificial sweetener often used as a sugar substitute in foods and beverages. When a product is "aspartame-free", it means that it does not contain aspartame as a sweetener. Our products are completely free of this.

What is free from unnecessary additives

“Excipients” refer to additional ingredients used to perform various functions in foods, such as preservatives, colorings, flavorings and emulsifiers. If a product is "excipient-free", it means that it does not contain any of these additional ingredients. Certain additives are necessary in products, but we leave out unnecessary fillers in order to offer the best of the best.

What is free from fillers

"Fillers" refers to ingredients that are added to products to add volume, improve texture or reduce production costs, but have little nutritional value. When a product is "free of unnecessary fillers," it means that none of these ingredients are present. This means you never pay too much and we always offer the products with an honest feeling.

What is free from contaminated ingredients

Contaminated ingredients refer to ingredients that contain contaminants that may be harmful to the health or quality of the food or product in which they are used. These contaminants can take various forms, such as chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, antibiotics, microbial contaminants or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Some examples of contaminated ingredients are:

  1. Pesticides: Crops can become contaminated with pesticides if they are exposed to these chemicals during growth. If these crops are used as ingredients in food products, the pesticide residues may be present and pose a threat to health.

  2. Heavy metals: Some foods can be contaminated with heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium or arsenic. These metals can accumulate in the environment and enter the food chain. Consuming foods with high levels of heavy metals can be harmful to health, especially with long-term exposure.

  3. Antibiotics: In livestock farming, antibiotics are sometimes used to promote growth and prevent disease in animals. If meat, milk or other animal products from these animals are processed, antibiotic residues may be present. Overuse of antibiotics can contribute to antimicrobial resistance and cause health problems.

  4. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs): GMOs are organisms whose genetic material has been artificially modified using genetic engineering techniques. Foods containing genetically modified ingredients are sometimes considered contaminated because some consumers are concerned about their safety and potential long-term effects.

What is GMO Free

“GMO-free” refers to food or products that do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Genetically modified organisms are organisms whose genetic material has been modified by genetic engineering techniques, such as the introduction of genes from other organisms.

The "GMO-free" label is often used on food products to inform consumers that the product does not contain genetically modified ingredients. This label indicates that the product has not come into contact with genetically modified crops or animals at any time during the production process.

More than just nutritional supplements

We think it is very important that you achieve results. That is why you can receive free personal advice in addition to our nutritional supplements, which is tailored to your goal and situation. You can receive a diet plan and nutritional advice, as well as a training schedule, tips and tricks to make progress and maintain results.

Together we ensure the best results and achieving your goals.

Team Private Supplements