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What is a vegan and plant-based protein shake

A vegan protein shake and a plant-based protein shake are often used interchangeably. In general, both terms refer to protein shakes that do not contain animal ingredients. We use the name vegan protein shake in this blog, but this also includes the plant-based protein shake.

What is a vegan and plant-based protein shake made of?

A vegan protein shake is a dietary supplement designed to provide protein to people following a vegan diet. This type of protein shake is specifically formulated without the use of animal ingredients such as dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin or other animal products. The aim is to offer a source of protein that is in line with the vegan lifestyle, avoiding animal suffering and exploitation.

The proteins in a vegan protein shake are usually extracted from various plant sources. Some common sources of protein used in vegan protein shakes include:

  1. Pea Protein : Made from yellow peas and is a popular source of protein due to its high biological value and amino acid profile.

  2. Rice protein : Comes from brown or whole grain rice and can be combined with other protein sources to provide a more complete amino acid profile.

  3. Hemp seed protein : Made from hemp seeds and contains healthy fatty acids and fiber in addition to proteins.

  4. Soy Protein : Derived from soybeans and known for its complete amino acid profile.

  5. Quinoa protein : Made from quinoa, a nutritious grain, it also provides protein.

  6. Chia seed protein : Made from chia seeds and contains omega-3 fatty acids and fiber in addition to protein.

Which vegan and plant-based protein shakes to buy

We use pea protein in the vegan protein shake. Then why will you think?

Pea protein is a popular choice for use in vegan protein shakes for several reasons:

  1. Complete Amino Acid Profile : Pea protein contains a complete amino acid profile, meaning it contains all the essential amino acids the body needs. This makes it a high-quality protein source that can contribute to muscle recovery and growth.

  2. Free from allergens : Pea protein is naturally gluten-free and free of common allergens such as dairy, soy and nuts. This makes it suitable for people with allergies or sensitivities to these ingredients.

  3. Easily digestible : Pea protein is generally considered highly digestible and may be a good option for people who have difficulty digesting dairy or soy proteins.

  4. Sustainability : Growing peas generally requires less land and water compared to some other protein sources. This contributes to the ecological sustainability of products containing pea protein.

  5. No genetically modified organisms (GMOs) : Many pea protein products come from non-genetically modified peas, which can be an attractive feature for people who want to avoid GMOs.

  6. Vegetarian and vegan : Pea protein comes from plant sources and therefore fits well within a vegetarian and vegan diet, where animal products are avoided.

  7. Taste and texture : Pea protein usually has a mild flavor and smooth texture, making it easy to combine with other ingredients in a protein shake without drastically affecting the taste.

Overall, pea protein is a versatile and nutritious protein source that fits well with the needs of those following a vegan diet and looking for a high-quality plant-based protein shake.

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